ค้นหา Dahui Multi-32 A / 3216 D 32 นิ้ว 2 K HD 1080 P TV Flat Screen LCD Smart TV . ลดราคา

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ชื่อสินค้า  Dahui Multi-32 A / 3216 D 32 นิ้ว 2 K HD 1080 P TV Flat Screen LCD Smart TV . 
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Built-in Dolby sound technology, bass ring design, enhanced dialogue, so that the built-in body audio continues to provide a high quality viewing experience.
Walking at the forefront of the big screen era, enhancing the horizontal and vertical edges, increasing the clarity of the screen, and the presentation of high pixels, is a stunning natural color.
The image noise reduction processing scheme adopts the high-definition technology to analyze the image content, suppresses the random noise in the image signal, and combines the MPEG noise reduction technology to process the block noise generated by the digital signal compression to improve the image details.
High-end materials, ultra-narrow bezels, bumps and shapes, lightweight body is also exceptionally strong, so that every detail is different, technology and aesthetics blend perfectly, let you indulge in such natural and clear beauty.
The switch button hidden on the right side of the fuselage leaves the front frame of the fuselage with a delicate and simple feeling, and the design is inspired by the high design.
Short-array light control, each frame is naturally bright; using the end-array light control design, the backlight brightness changes automatically with the picture, and the picture is rich in layers and vivid in color, saving energy while protecting eyesight.
HDR real-time conversion, bringing each scene closer to the realism you can feel.
USB Blu-ray decoding, perfect support for local video playback, you can easily enjoy the wonderful blockbuster through storage devices such as USB flash drive.
Artificial intelligence voice function, which recognizes most dialects and has multi-function voice operation, so you can search for what you want.

Material: ABS
Physical resolution: 1366*768
Standard: US, EU, UK, AU(optional)
Rated power: 32inch 45W
Refresh rate: 60Hz
Online Edition Support Network Cable + Wireless WiFi
Interface: 2*USB, 2*HDMI, 1*RF Antenna Input, 2*AV Input, 1*PC Audio Input, 1*Earphone Output, 1*RJ45
Online edition function:
Cable television
Satellite lid
Built-in wifi function
Webcast function
Set top box
U disk
For Android games
Online function phone remote control
Can be used as a display
Eye mark / keyboard operation
Built-in network set-top box
Digital coaxial audio interface
HDMI interface
Intelligent function
AV interface
USB interface
Support for downloading apps
VGA interface
RF interface
Network on demand
3.5mm audio output interface
Internet for QQ chat
3.5mm audio input interface
Online Shopping
Additional function:
Ability to connect directly to a wired or wireless network to watch online movies and TV shows.
Can support the installation of third-party software, you can install live TV software to achieve the purpose of watching live TV programs online; you can also expand the functions of TV by installing software with different functions.
You can play for Android games that come with your TV. You can also download and install other for Android TV games to play, and also support connecting gamepads.
Support mobile phone voice, you can control the content of TV broadcast through the voice recognition function on the mobile phone, support mobile phone projection screen, you can project photos and videos of mobile phone to TV (these two need mobile phone to download voice and screencast software) It is recommended to install the online version of the network, so you do not have to pay the closed circuit TV annual fee.
Supported languages: English Arabic Russian French Spanish Portuguese German Vietnamese Italian Persian Thai Indonesian Hebrew Turkish Polish Romanian Czech Slovak Hungarian.

Package List:
1 x TV
1 x Remote Control(Need AAA Battery)
2 x Holder
1 x A Bag Of Standing Finish
1 x Instructions
No battery delivery.

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รีวิว Dahui Multi-32 A / 3216 D 32 นิ้ว 2 K HD 1080 P TV Flat Screen LCD Smart TV .,
Dahui Multi-32 A / 3216 D 32 นิ้ว 2 K HD 1080 P TV Flat Screen LCD Smart TV . ลดราคา,
Dahui Multi-32 A / 3216 D 32 นิ้ว 2 K HD 1080 P TV Flat Screen LCD Smart TV .

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